Monday, January 14, 2008

Tag, i'm it. How did that happen?

OK so i'm not sure if i'm doing this right but let's give this a whirl anyway.

Holly tagged me, thanks Hols you're a star:) i've always wanted to put 7 random, weird facts about myself on display for the whole world to see. *not* But i still love you and i wouldn't do this for anybody else. Ok seen as i have no friends who blog other then Holly I better make this good if i want to convince them to Blog and take the tag from me.

Ok So here's how it works:

1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

These are really random, so bear with me.

1. One of my heart's desires. I want two studios. One for painting and getting creative and one for dancing. If i had unlimited free time, i would dance and paint, paint and dance. Draw and tumble, tumble and draw. Get the picture? I envy every ballerina i have ever known because they are living my dream. If i had the opportunities they had, there wouldn't be a day other than sundays that i wouldn't dance, even if it was at 12 at night. Painting is what i do to relax and forget the world.

2. My biggest fear is being alone and not being loved. It's easy for me to love but slightly more difficult to believe that i'm loved. I guess that's why i want kids so bad. All kids love their parents, they may not like them but they love them. All i want is to be loved. Even a pat on the head keeps me happy

3. I love being touched and touching things. My mom had a tough time with me. I'm like a blind person, i can't see clearly if i don't touch. I love pulling my fingers over any object. i can sit for hours stroking things like books and rocks and pets, mostly lizzards, and walls and all kinds of weird random things.

4. Try me. Not my patience though, i know the extent of that. if you have already drawn a conclussion about how i am i will stick to that. if you believe me to be a wild, fun loving child, that's who i am around you. If you think i'm dull and unintellegent, i'm going to go out of my way to act dumb. And believe me i'm good at doing that! So give me the benefit of the doubt. If you're patient enough, you may learn that i'm actually pretty good at things that will surprise you.

5. I'm running out of interesting things about me. um, i hate phone calls. ok that's not right. i prefer someone writing to me, i can tell more about you from what you write and say to me directly then from a phone call. I can't hear very well over the phone. i pick up the phone and i can't think straight it's hard to string a sentence together. i quess it's cause i can't hear to well over the phone.

6. I'm a comfort creature, I'm fussy like no one's business. If i want it i, want it! It's my way or we can negociate and i'll still get my way! Or if i don't, i still do it anyway.

7. i Have a bunch of fears. mostly pain and pain related things. When i get scared i get all wack. i blank out, especially when a certain guy tries to help me overcome my fear my fear of being strangled. i feel a hand near my throat and i start hyperventelating, i get dizzy and i can't think about anything but the desire not to start crying.

Ok that's it. Random facts from the weird and wonderful world of Weasel.

Christine, Kelvin, Angeline, Chantal, Sanchia, Debbie and Luke YOU'RE IT!!! Ha ha

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Love from la la land :)

This blog is especially for Holly. My blogging is just as bad a my journal keeping and if it wasn't for Holly's constant reminders that I’m way overdue a blog, I wouldn't even write in my journal as much. (I feel guilty about blogging if I haven't written in my journal in a while. So what can I tell you? I'm kinda tired. You know that feeling you have just after you wake up but you do things because you're still on cruise control? Well that's me right now. Holly sent me a book called Twilight. If you haven't read it yet you REALLY need to make a plan. I must warn you the following side effects are caused by this book:
  • sleep deprivationa
  • yearning for some guy to notice you and fall madly deeply in love with you
  • Extensive daydreaming for those with rich imaginations
  • jealousy of anyone who has read any of the sequel books
  • Losing yourself in la la land. I was lost in la la land for two days. if you do not believe me ask Holly yourself

Anyway I guess the main reason I get lost in la la land (I got that term from Holz and it kinda grew on me) is so I can escape the thoughts of my life that sometimes scare the living daylights out of me. I have so much to be thankful for so I should be happy and if that means reading books that help me get lost in la la land for a day or two, then so be it.

Now I’m not vain. Well I do joke about it but I guess people all do that from time to time. My point is I generally don't think much about the way I look but I noticed the last few days that I actually do have a pleasant look about me. I don't have a very photogenic face but i walked past the window in my office (they're tinted so they look like a mirror in the mornings and afternoons) and noticed that I have a really pretty face. Maybe it's just cause it was my day dreamy, lovey dovey face, you know the look: soft eyes, softened facial lines, and know I know why guys think I’m cute when I’m have asleep. And just so you don't get the wrong idea only a few guys have seen me half asleep, when I’m at my cutest and that was on camps and convention this year. You wouldn't have caught me half asleep in public before then and hopefully never again. Anyway my point is my husband really has a good looking wife to look at one day.

Well the work day is about to begin again at least I don’t have to work on Monday. Wohoo!

Lots of love from la la land


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Elder Richard G. Scott

This log is especially for all my friends who asked me to take notes tonight at the meeting with our meeting with Elder Scott. I must confess my notes aren’t complete. I felt it was important that I listen for any profound sayings or personal revelations. (Yeah, no profound or earth shattering revelation tonight, sorry :? Oh well. So here goes:

Elder Scott spoke about dating. (Don’t switch off just yet) He called up three girls and three guys. He gave them names and situations.
Jane – Good girl who’s parents only had enough money just to get her though university
Mary – Educated but doesn’t want a family
Susan – Loves dancing and her parents can afford to by her nice dresses to go dancing in. (aka, or in my opinion, her parents indulge her or that’s the impression I got)
Some dude whose name escapes me so he’ll just be John (Doe) – he’s dad said he studies and doesn’t go on mission
Joseph – Went on mission and does what he should
Ceddrick – He’s different? (I promise, those we’re he’s exact words, meaning not spiritual or rich)
Anyway the girls said they wouldn’t date Ceddrick so he got “voted of the island”Ok so John Doe asks Susan to go dancing but the place will have some dodgy characters doing things they shouldn’t but they won’t be a part of it, so is she ok with that and she says yes. They have a great time and they enjoy it. A week later Joseph asks Susan to a church dance but he doesn’t have a car but he’s friend offered to let him borrow his pick up. She doesn’t think her dress will survive a pick up and finds a way to say no (a nice way) Joseph asks Jane and she says yes. He asks if it will be ok if they make a quick stop on the way, he promised to give someone a blessing. She has no problem with that. He then asked us what we think about these guys. My personal opinion? Firstly, where did you find Joseph and where do I sign up for one of those? And John Doe? What kind of guy is that? I’d never date him. He has no respect for a daughter of our Heavenly Father. What typa sleaze ball asks a girl to such a place knowing who she is and what she should be standing for? It’s the same as saying. There is this FHE photo shoot on and I was wondering if you’d like to go. You don’t have to dress like the skanks, just mingle with them. Ok, I can’t keep my eyes open so I’m gonna finish this tomorrow.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

life is a mission!

Oh boy. Life nowadays is just confusing! You all know the great and dreadful day, great for the rigteous... Well, i think i've gained new insight on this, it will be great cause you're happy but then again, if you are truely compassionate and Christlike, wouldn't it be horrible to see all the ones you love (or you're suppose to love) suffer? i mean, I have some friends i love greatly, even family members, who I don't want to see suffer. They are good people with bad habits and misguided concepts, it doesn't seem fair. I know they'll have the opportunity but what if they already had they're chance? Would I really be singing "oh happy day" (he he :) ? I can't see myself running for joy when so many others are in agony and misery. Well lately everyday just about has been great and Dreadful. Sometimes they seem more dreadful than great but I guess that's part of life. It's all about looking for the good. At least i'm not fighting with Chace that much anymore. not that we were fighting. It's complicated, so lets not go there.

Don't you just love missionaries? I do. Especially "my" missionaries, refering to my friends on mission. When i think about how much i love them, i start missing them, but i would NEVER want them to be anywhere other than serving the Lord in there disignated areas. I miss two in particular quite a bit. One is coming home soon though and the other, wel he only left in July. I've never been compassionate towards missionaries. Kelvin taught me how to appreciate missionaries. I don't even think he knows that. it definately was not coincidence that we met when we did. For the first time i actually realised what goes into a mission. Not only that but it also thought me about having a constant prayer in my heart. When I heard that he had malaria, i was terrified. I studied tourism at school and i did so many projects on Malaria, well lets just say, go you some research on it and read up about all the complications, then you'll understand.

The one thing I don't do anymore is teach american missionaries afrikaans and give them a incorrect translation. Four of my friends are in Ghana and there they can't even stop to help when they run someone over because it's so dangerous. I'd hate to think how things can go wrong if they're busy teaching and they say something the invesigator doesn't like. Scary!!!

Ok i need to work now again. (Like i ever stop)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Technology hates me

Well, needless to say, two days later I come home and all my effort in moving my room about, has no gain. All the wide open spaces are filled with furnishings that don't fit into that limited space but somehow ended up there. My nice double bed has been replaced by a king size bed on stilts. Ok so it's not on stilts, it's just so high that i can fall to my death if i roll over in my sleep! Ok so other than the fact that my room, or at least what used to be my room, is completely unrecognizable or inhabitable, I'm probably having one of the worst days of my life. I'm tired, drunk in the head (i think I've got vertigo or something cause staying upright is a HUGE amount of effort but my dad says it's probably my blood pressure acting up again) and everything is conspiring against me. First i get to work and my system i work on is not the same one as i'm suppose to have. an hour later we solve it. Then i try to log a call and it's still not letting me since about before 9 sometime and it is now 12:00. Meantime, my new goal of drinking 2litres of water is putting my bladder under some severe pressure. When i started sneezing i decided not to chance it. I walk to the other side of the floor where the loo's are located and a nice little notice says that "due to water disruptions, please use the toilet facilities in the hot seat second floor Ames Hoff building, I'm on the 8th floor JD House building. So i take the lift to the second floor and the walk way to the Ames Hoff building, walk down four flights of steps (small ones) and once I'm done i tie my belt and as i try to turn it, my belt snapped. Plus these jeans fall off without a belt. So my day is being wasted because i can't really work, I'm hungry but can't cross the road and buy food for fear of being run over by a car and my pants are being held up by a belt held together by grace. Hope this makes you smile. So from the world of "it sucks to be me" to all you normal freaks out there, live long and prosper.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

13 October 2007

What shall I put in my first ever blog? Maybe I’ll start by mentioning or rather questioning a false concept. That of weekends being a resting period before the start of your working work. Who’s the person that spreads such lies? I’ve worked harder today then I have all week which says a lot! It week was insane. It’s like all the wheels fell off. I guess it only seems like more work because it included physical work. I moved my furnishing around in my bedroom. Now keep in mind in my room I have a double bed, a desk, an antique “table” but it’s more like a cupboard on legs, a chest (it’s about 0.6 x 1.2 x 0.6m, not exactly petit and 3 closets. I moved everything but one of the closets and they still had everything in them (I did take all the boxes and bags off of them or from below them in some instances and this is what took up most of the time). Anyway, I’ve decided I have too much junk! But I can’t get rid of any of it because I’ll need it. Would you believe I have a car seat? Yes, I must be the only single, childless, nineteen year old with a baby car seat. I don’t know when it arrived but my parents got the thing and I only noticed it when I moved my room start of this year sometime. It’s gonna need a good sterilising before I ever use it. What gets me is I once mentioned when I went shopping with my mom for a baby shower that nappy prices are sky rocketing and that it will probably be a good idea for me to start buying some now if I’m planning on having kids otherwise my kids will have to run around butt naked! (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use that word)Anyway, point is, mom almost had a heart attack because buying baby stuff for yourself unless your pregnant is bad luck. But it’s ok for them to get me a car seat. Talk about stupid-stitious. I’ll probably be like that lady that only wanted a third child and ended up having six! What do you call it? Quintuplets + 1? I think it’s something like a sextuplets. Now I’m sorry but having one child at a time sounds exhausting, what with graveyard shift and breastfeeding and all, but can you imagine that times six? And then having a two and a four year old as well. Now that’s the kind of woman that has to have eight arms. I’m sorry but there is no way I would survive. That’s the day I sell all I have buy a big house and have my parents move in with me, both sets. That way there will be three mothers to sort these kids out. Ok let me get of the subject before I give someone ideas and they send me the wrong order ;)

Well my day was normal. I was sure there would have been a family get together today because it’s my brother and my gran’s birthday today, but there wasn’t! Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but I feel very odd at these things. My mom’s family is the one place I don’t fit in. There is an 8 year gap between me and my mother’s youngest sister but because I am not in the same generation as the grown up’s, I’m not a grown up. I’m too old for the kids because the oldest of my cousins is at least seven years younger than me. The fact that we have tons, i mean, nothing in common other than relations, helps. So in my mom’s family I’m 7-8 years away from fitting in. My brother really liked his gift. I got him a seduko set (he loves seduko). He actually gave me a hug. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! he he, if he ever finds out I put this on a public site he’ll be so miff that it would have been my last ever hug. Well I love the little guy and seem as we always get the crummy gifts because no one ever knows what to get us, I thought I’d get him something he’ll drive me insane with. He actually let me play with it too. It was my first and only game. I thought he’d play with it all day but he’s very much into trying to finish the last level of doom3 (I don’t know what possessed me to buy it. Curiosity isn’t always in my favour) and then he was working with my dad all afternoon. I kinda like to laze around on my birthday. Oh and this will ebe the first every year I will hav to do anything I don’t want to on my birthday (other than travel) I have to work this year. I’ve never had to go to school or work on my birthday before! This is just wrong. I shouldn’t have to work on my birthday like average joesL oh well. I guess I have no choice.

Well, I this is my first ever blog. Maybe the next one will be worth your reading. It helps writing these things when you’re not I’m bed. I guess it’s also cause I’m have expecting it to be like some kinda online journal (ok now I’m scaring myself). I’m going to bed now.